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Making "Love True Just For You"

I was up early enjoying my morning time having some organic earl grey with a splash of grass fed whole milk until I found a casting call I felt this is for me. I sent my portfolio to Sam Kempf, director/DOP of the project and I was so happy when he got me back and let me know that he finds me good for the part and if artist likes me too we would be all set.

Sam send me some examples of John Tracy's music and listening those tunes gave me a feeling I want to jump in the car and cruise with someone to somewhere. Felt like for a moment there are nothing to worry about in the world . As the song came up for video they plan to do, I fell in love instantly and wished to be part making. So I held my breath...

I got the part! I knew it was going to be one of my favourite projects.

The moment I arrived to the meet up location I got a big warm welcome and even before make-up & hair, I was offered coffee/tea- to keep the good energy going which is always very appreciated by everyone.

I have heard also from other actors and HMua artists that makeup is the time that I am going into my character and leave everything from the real world behind. Also I got some tips from Elvina how to take more care of my very dry skin in the winter.

Shooting took place 3 straight days, various locations. We were blessed with all kinds of weather even with snow to make atmosphere look different and there was always Elvina who fixed up our weathered appearances and cold-kissed noses. And Teri Wilson, the Producer, looked that everything goes smooth and everyone is happy.

Working with Sam, the Director, first thing he inspired me to always give my best and after that do one more time even better. He had always something positive to say to keep the good work flow going. He also like to listen to some of my ideas and give them a try.

Sam's right hand, Matt (Matts_a_cat), I liked to repeat his instagram name for some reason, didn't only know the equipment, but also gave us a good overview of NYC history .

We used the Red camera for day time shots and Sony a7S II for it's superior night vision.

Scott my co-actor, was a broadway actor and still is. He got the most of my weird Estonian humor or some would say Estonians have no humor?:) But he was in the set very genuine person and brought me to laughter, like always.

About our snow fight, it had to be a surprise from me to Scott and Sam was filming, but somehow I missed first couple of snowballs and he got me. So I gathered my strength and got him back. And then laughed and ran away until I fall on the slippy ramp in the front of the museum, loose coat fall on slow motion on me like a tent and I slided some feet. It was hilarious to see that in playback.

Brooklyn museum

I would say some crews become sometimes more than a crew. On the last shoot day, last scene done, it was a wrap, but kind of sad to see the process end...

I was so happy to be a part of creating this music-video and very happy today remembering all the little moments of the shoot that brought us to premiere today.

And very happy to share it with You:) Please enjoy!


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